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How to choose a web development provider

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It‘s hard to overestimate the significance of a web development team for your online business. Just imagine: these guys will create a face of your company on the Internet. 

In other words, the success of your online business depends crucially on this choice. Your wrong decision can lead you to a loss of money and time. 

In this article, I’ll uncover the following questions: how to find a web team and how to understand that it’s a good one for you. 

Well, are you ready to learn all practical tips on looking for a website developer? 

Three ways to find a dream web team

It’s clear that hiring the best web development company is crucial for digital businesses. But here is a question: where to hire developers?

There are several ways that might be used to find a team for website building.

Firstly, there are different platforms where freelancers or companies create profiles and add projects. There you may find everything you want to know about them: reviews, examples of works and the technologies they apply. What's more important, such platforms allow requesting a proposal or even hiring a team right away. Otherwise, you'll need to contact companies directly on their website.

One of such platforms is Upwork. It‘s a convenient tool for searching relevant contractors. All you need to do is to create your own profile and describe requests.

Secondly, there are some research companies that collect information about web agencies. Let’s consider Clutch as an example. The Clutch company is an independent US rating organization that does their own investigation on web companies’ performance, conducting interviews with current and past clients. On their website, you may find web teams’ profiles with verified and relevant information about finished projects as well as reviews of real clients.

The first and the second ways can be used together: find a company on Upwork and then check it on Clutch. It’ll be more reliable.

The third way will be suitable if you’ve already realized what technology you want to be used in your project. You may find different forums, communities, groups, and associations of this technology and surf through the companies listed there. It’ll allow you to identify a team which has a lot of experience in it. Due to this fact, they’ll be able to provide you with the high-quality services.

For instance, I work for a web agency which sticks to the Drupal CMS. It means thatyou may hire certified drupal agencies and other Drupal companies on the official Drupal website.

Tips you shouldn’t forget

Let’s say that you have a list of companies suitable for you at first glance. Which of them is your one and only? It’s the most complex part of your search, I guess. But anyway, don’t worry. Here are several tips to use when you need a web developer.

1. Look at a portfolio 
It’ll help you to see the capabilities and skills of a company. Probably you’ll find some references for your project and find out how your idea can be turned into reality. Besides, I highly recommend you to pay attention to a web agency’s specialization. Maybe it has considerable expertise in creating websites for medical centers. Will this specialization be suitable for you?

2. Read all reviews
The main aspects you should notice are problems with the previous clients, deadline management, quality of services and successes. It’ll help you to evaluate the competency and hire expert drupal developers. 

3. Check their services
Maybe they just don’t provide the services you require or don’t have experience in the technology you need. 

4. Write or speak to a company’s representative
All interpersonal relationships are built on empathy and some common ground. The first call or letter will show if you’re on the same page with a team.

5. Give a test
Even if you read all the reviews, checked an agency’s services and skills, you should give them a small test. Why? It’s your way to get insights into their workflow.  

Final questions to ask before the work starts

Let’s stay on points which you ought to discuss with your team before the start of the project. It’ll allow you to be a perfect client and make the web development process easier for both sides.

  • Tell about your budget. Ask web developers how they work: on a fixed or hourly rate. 
  • Describe features which you want to be added to your website or find some references demonstrating your idea. In other words, it’ll be great if you explain to your team how your website should look like and work. 
  • Define time frames. If you want to launch a website until a certain date, your team must know about it. One more hint: discuss the main milestones of the project. Agree on several midterm checkups to make sure the work is being done according to a timeline. 


Hiring reliable contractors who you can trust is always a great challenge. There is every likelihood that you’ll need a lot of hours to make the right choice. But it is better to invest this time in finding an outstanding web agency than lose your money when you realize that the selected company is incapable of making your dream come true. 

If you’re reading this sentence, I want to thank you and wish a good luck! Hope you’ll find your awesome web agency or hire expert Drupal

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