Active Taxonomy Links module processes nodes of selected content types replacing words in the nodes with links to taxonomy terms.


Installation is as simple as installing the module.

How it works

1. After standart installation configure it at admin/config/content/activetl
2. Select content types and vocabularies you want to process.
3. This module is not a copy of http://drupal.org/project/alinks, it is totally different. Because current module rewrites node body (Alinks does not change the node body as it is executed on display only).

So Active Taxonomy Links module doesn't affect site perfomance at all, because all the changes are done before the node gets viewed by user.
So even if you have lots of taxonomy (vocabularies and terms) your site perfomance won't suffer.

Active Taxonomy Links module prevents server from loading huge amount of content.

4. Users are able to check the module work results on the config page
a. the quantity of nodes from content type (already processed);
b. the quantity of nodes from content type (not processed yet);
5. Users are able to delete the module results.
6. Module automatically processes new added or created nodes.