DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Overall conference design and branding for the open source conference DrupalCon

Our creative team and guys from the Association worked on the DrupalCon Barcelona Website for last few months doing our best to make a cool website which provides the feel of Barcelona!

Few days ago in Los Angeles Drupal Association announced launch of the website of the next European Drupalcon that will take place in Barcelona. Our creative team and guys from the Association worked on this website for last few months doing our best to make a cool website which provides the feel of Barcelona!

We started our work with a few meetings with the Association's representers; we discussed future content and main design requirements. Our partners provided necessary wireframes and we started our work on the drafts. At the beginning we created three concepts of the hero image to set a general mood and style of the website.


But after some time it was decided to change the design of the homepage significantly. We were asked to remove contrast dividers between sections and add some elements which could lead user's eye from one section to another in a gentle way. Also, it was necessary to create another hero image: westering vector cityscape.

We drew a new hero image and added more diagonal lines and flying mosaic pieces to set visual rhythm along the page. Barcelona locals from Drupal Association asked us to create new icons for Session Tracks; new icons looked like abstract pattern from Barcelona's ceramic tiles.

For the first version we used 3d letters and famous buildings and symbols of Barcelona. We added the map of Barcelona with Eixample grid; it allowed to make the whole composition deeper. Also, it was linked with the logo design.

The second version used simple flat shapes and mosaic details. For the third version we used a famous view of the city and blurred decorative element on it to emphasize the logo. Association liked the second version; the first looked too "touristic" and the third was too dark.

After that we started with the designs of the homepage. First we planned to organise the content in contrast-colored visually separated sections like it had been done for Los Angeles Drupalcon website. We used diagonal elements like on Barcelona Drupalcon splashpage and subtle patterns and photos of Barcelona.


In general, the team from the Association liked this concept but they asked us to try to add brighter colors from the logo all over the page and make smoother transitions between sections. The updated version was created soon. We added more mosaic details to the hero image. For News&Updates section we created the flat illustration devoted to seaside. Transitions between sections were made with waved lines. Session Tracks section became brighter; also we added some mosaic pieces to the footer. After the next revision we added more background patterns and flying colored pieces of mosaic similar to the splashpage.


Later on we polished this concept and approved this design of the homepage:


Also we made a few designs of inner pages.


We'd like to thank all the team from Drupal Assosiation for great collaboration! Local members helped us to learn so many new things about Barcelona. Every week we had meetings with coordinators to discuss our progress. So we want to say thank you to all who created this great website with us!

Check out the official website and see you in Barcelona!

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