This module creates a new field type linking to a google drive file which is stored in GoogleDrive.

To configure module

  1. Go to your google dev console
  2. Go to Services and turn on Drive API and Drive SDK
  3. Go to API Access
  4. Fill in branding information
  5. Click on create new client id, set application type as Web application
  6. Click on link more options, input Your site or hostname and [your domain]/admin/config/services/gdrive/synchro as Authorized Redirect URIs and your domain as Authorized JavaScript Origins
  7. Click on create client ID button
  8. Go to you site and click configuration -> web services -> gdrive ->gdrive account
  9. Enter your cliet ID and a secret key
  10. Click configuration -> web services -> gdrive ->gdrive account -> Gdrive synchro


Now you can add a GDrive field to your content types and link it to your gdrive field.