This module provides an integration of popular jquery library Jcrop with the Drupal FAPI. Basically it provides a new form element which can be used in your custom forms. This is an API module mostly intended for developers.


Can be used in any custom forms or for altering existing forms. New form element 'jcrop_image'  is similar to 'managed_file' and can be used instead of them, but for images of course. For example you can create a form with a webform module and add File component. On hook_form_alter you can simply change the type of the file field to 'jcrop_image'. Also 'jcrop_image' form element has #jcrop_settings array that allows to control the Jcrop API object on the client side.


  1. Download and install the Libraries API 2 module and the Jcrop Form Element module as a normal module.
  2. Then download the Jcrop plugin into libraries directory sites/all/libraries/jcrop.


Libraries API 2, File, Image.