ADCI Events Hub

ADCI Events Hub

We at ADCI Solutions have really great news!

Last week we have opened the ADCI Events Hub, an open space for educational events!/

Nowadays there are far more events in Omsk than a couple of years ago. A lot of young people have their own ideas for meetings and events and take an active part in them. However, the problem with public spaces for events still exists. That’s why we decided to create the ADCI Events Hub and carry out our activities in it as well as help to implement the ideas of other organizers.

ADCI Events Hub activities cover following areas: IT, self-development, environment and urbanism, art and design and travel.

We have already held our first event. It was the Arduino Workshop, an interactive lesson dedicated to Arduino programming and it was a success!

Inspired by the popularity of our hub, we have announced free web-design courses to be held in August.

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