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The first Web Cafe

The first Web Cafe

Last Saturday there was the first Web Cafe at ADCI Solutions and I hasten to share with you how it went. What is Web Cafe? This is the event where professionals of IT area share relevant and interesting information about web-development with like-minded persons.

Up to this point, we organized only Drupal Cafe. But this time we decided to expand the topic for discussion and talk more about wider topics within the framework of the Web Cafe.

This time ADCI Events Hub gathered 81 attendees and 4 speakers from leading Omsk companies.

Topics covered include:

  1. For what is Docker needed?

  2. Authentication and authorization for API in Symfony 3 - let’s make it right.

  3. The problems of complexity in Software Development and where to find them.

  4. Overcoming Scrum’s dark sides.

Denis Nelyubin was the first speaker. He is a System Architect at the 7bits company. Denis told about Docker and answered the following questions: what is Docker? Which tools of Docker do you need to use? When is Docker used correctly? What should you do if you suddenly find Docker on a project? And what should you do when everybody told you that you need to embed a Docker in a project? Denis showed some DockerFile code of his professional practice and listeners were able to go deeper into the topic of Docker.

After the first presentation, everyone was invited to coffee break during which our guests were able to enjoy cups of coffee and tea, cookies, marshmallow and become acquainted with each other, and ask questions to speakers tete-a-tete.

Coffee break time

Coffee break time

The second speaker was a sole entrepreneur Evgeny Paranyuk. He spoke about Authentification and authorization for API in Symfony 3. He told how to do authentication and authorization when you have more than one server. Evgeny has given our listeners a different voice from a new angle on the seemingly old topic. Because the results of the small vote showed that biggest part of the audience has solved tasks with authentification and authorization.

The second speaker is Evgeny Paranyuk

The second speaker is Evgeny Paranyuk

After the second report, there was the second coffee break with similar goodies as the first one.

The next topic “The problems of complexity in Software Development and where to find them” was raised by Evgeny Tyumentsev CEO Hello World! Technologies (HWdTech) in his report. Evgeny elaborated on everyday topics about Software Development but made it very interesting and informative. He used interesting funny pictures in his presentation, therefore, the participants didn’t take their eyes off Evgeny and laughed constantly.

As soon as the report of Evgeny Tyumencev was over, the most delicious part of the event - a pizza break - was announced. Because we feed not only the minds of our participants but also their stomachs.

The last speaker was Andrey Komrakov. He is a project manager with more than five years of experience. Andrey shed light on the topic of Overcoming Scrum’s dark sides. He started his report with what Scrum is and where you need to apply it. After he told about Scrum black book written by Ivan Selikhovkin. This book is about the bad working experience with Scrum. Also, he told about Scrum vendor, Scrum client (Scrum’s tools) and their problems. At the end of the report, Andrey called to name Project Manager a Scrum Master.

Andrey Komrakov told about overcoming black Scrum

Andrey Komrakov told about overcoming black Scrum

At the end of the event, prizes from ADCI Solutions were raffled. Some cool things for guys who picked knowledge over rest.

We are glad, that third-party speakers were in ADCI Events Hub. All information was certainly useful because it was based on personal experience and problems overcome. Summing up the event, we can say with confidence that our first Web Cafe 100 percent was successful. We thank the speakers and everyone who came, if they hadn’t been here, our event wouldn’t have taken place. Also, we thank you for reading this blog post.

Web Cafe

We and our guests

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