ADCI Solutions 14th years old

Our 14th company birthday

Our 14th company birthday

Hi! ADCI Solutions is in touch, and we have good news!

On November 29th we turned 14 years old! Congratulations! Cheers!

We've been working hard all year, joking a lot, having quality time, and eating well. All these proofs could be seen in the photo gallery below. But for now, there is a story firsthand about the coolest party of the year according to the team members' feedback.

Usually, on the birthday, everyone sums up and tells about their thorny paths, the stories of ups and downs, and a bunch of related obstacles. We were not an exception, so please -  pay tribute to our pitch. We turned this process from an uninteresting narrative into a retrospective stand-up by our CEO Alexander.

Here what our colleagues - also known as like-minded people, projects' fellows, and Pho-Bo soup's partners - noted to be the most important:

  • The ADCI Solutions team treats their colleagues and interns very carefully and with respect. The main thing is not the expertise. What’s more important is kindness, honesty, and decency. You can get knowledge, but you can't learn to be a good person;
  • Everyone who works or worked at ADCI Solutions brings a piece of themselves to the team’s atmosphere, making past, present and future members responsible for shaping corporate culture.
  • The ADCI Solutions workplace has become a workplace of our CEO's dream. And do you live your dreams?

The evening certainly did not end with pitches and gratitude. Here everyone had to applaud the HR department’s event management talent. 

The party at the museum? Can you imagine that? We also couldn't until we found ourselves on an excursion with DJ sets and a live performance of the Queen songs. 

The whale made of wire under the ceiling? Why not? The toasts for the company’s prosperity? Surely! The exhibition guide and contests between dancing, discussing the best cats, and rewarding employees - certainly yes!

It was extraordinary, intelligent and noisy! That is how we can describe the ADCI Solutions museum party.

Just feel the vibe!

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