ADCI Solutions held Russian Drupal Awards

ADCI Solutions held Russian Drupal Awards

At the end of April 2021, ADCI Solutions opened the call for applications for participation in Russian Drupal Awards - a contest of Drupal websites among web studios and entrepreneurs from Russia and the CIS countries. As the Top Drupal studio from Russia according to the Clutch rating, we decided that such a competition is an excellent opportunity to show the advantages of this CMS to Russian-speaking customers and strengthen the development standards for Drupal.

The jury of the competition, including Russian Drupal influencers, studio directors, UX / UI designers, UX editors, chief editors of industry publications, and IT awards, assessed 76 websites from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus: they considered the visual appeal, interface convenience/user experience, loading speed and business benefits. Nothing is appreciated as much as professional criticism of your work. Therefore, each jury member could leave a special comment for each participant: 

  • what they liked about the work,
  • what could be improved,
  • questionable aspects of their work,
  • and what was completely unacceptable.

In October, we summed everything up and identified three best Drupal projects. As this was our first try, we decided to avoid making several nominations. But now it is pretty clear: Russian Drupal Awards has the potential for growth, so in 2022, we will award the best eCommerce website, the best media website, landing page, promotional website, and others.

The winners of the Russian Drupal Awards 2021 are:

The first place - the WEBSHOP web studio, the award for the "Masterskaya Cheburkova" project.
The second place - the Ribbla digital agency, the award for the agency's corporate website.
The third place - the Evrone company, the award for the company's corporate website.

We are glad that we have become organizers of such an initiative and hope that all participants will benefit from it, meet new people and launch many new interesting projects.

This year, the awards ceremony was recorded and posted on YouTube. Turn on the English subtitles and get to know us better. Enjoy the show!

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