Drupal Cafe #17: inspiring to use Drupal and attend DrupalCon

Drupal Cafe #17: inspired to adopt Drupal and attend DrupalCon

Drupal Cafe is always a very exciting event for all of us at ADCI Solutions. No matter that it was the 17th time because the excitement did not diminish at all. Even on the contrary: more responsibility - it should be as cool as in the previous 16 times.

The very beginning of Drupal Cafe 17

Let's dive into the details of the reports and the atmosphere of that Saturday morning.

The first speaker was our team lead Artyom. He cheered up the audience and woke them up (after all Drupal Cafe is held at 11 a.m.). He shared his impressions of DrupalCon Nashville and charged participants with the emotions that he had got at that event in the capital of country music (out of the blue we felt the itch to listen to Johnny Cash a little). You can read more about DrupalCon in our blog post and get some inspiration, too.

The report of Artyom

Also, from the report of Artyom, our listeners learned that it's possible to get to DrupalCon! There are several variants on how to visit such an amazing Drupal meeting! You can become a speaker, win a grant, save up money for this trip, and win a whole trip covered by the organizational team, like it happened prior to DrupalCon Nashville. All you need is a bit of obstinacy and everything will work out.

Then came the turn of serious technical reports. Anton shared his thoughts on the CKeditor and Paragraphs: which one is better in his opinion and why. Anton told about the differences in all aspects: settings, work, layout. Also, he showed how you can add any type of content on a website page using one of these tools.

The participants of Drupal Cafe 17

During the coffee (and bacon) break, there were active discussions on Drupal, Paragraphs, as well as funny plans to visit the next DrupalCon. We wish them good luck, but for now let's continue to talk about how Drupal Cafe 17 passed.

The coffee (and bacon) break

Next were Denis and Sasha. The topic was quite serious - Migration in Drupal, but the guys decided to approach the report with humor. In their presentation were some nice little animals. It facilitated the perception of new information. On the examples, the guys showed that the migration process in Drupal 8 had become much easier because the Migration module was added to the core itself. You do not even need to install anything else now.

Thanks to guys for the ability to narrate simply about the difficult. If you are interested in the Drupal Migration like Denis and Sasha, you may find more information on this topic in the article.

Denis and Sasha told about the Drupal Migration

In the end, Evgeny told what is new in Symfony 4. As you may know, the components of Symfony were added to the Drupal core from the 8th version of this CMS. Evgeny even wrote the article on this topic! So it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the report.

It was especially interesting and useful to listen for people, who already have been working with Drupal. Evgeny told about the new structure, templates files, and other changes in this framework.

The last report was held by our team lead Evgeny

We were glad to see that our listeners were satisfied. They discussed all reports with big enthusiasm and interest. This was our goal - to motivate, tell, and share! And we achieved it.

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