CodeFest 2014

CodeFest 2014

ADCI Solutions team spent an unforgettable weekend in Novosibirsk on the IT conference "CodeFest" devoted to the questions of development, PM and testing. It was a real festival of code, design and interactivity.

This year CodeFest was held for the fifth time and attracted a record number of participants - almost 2000 people from different cities of Russia and abroad. For these two days all of them were filling the three-storey building of Novosibirsk Expocentre with ideas, enthusiasm and excellent mood.

CodeFest anniversary pleased us not only with a huge pie, but also with the program. It was useful to listen to promising startupers and speakers from world famous companies like Google, Microsoft, eBay, Rovio. The format of action gave a unique opportunity of horizontal communication. After presentations almost all the speakers went into the corridor and continued talking to the listeners in an informal situation. Vivid atmosphere! It was worth going. CodeFest also became a way to look at the industry from the inside, to see who is involved, what kind of projects are made, and what is interesting to people from the web today.

During breaks everyone could play Super Mario, immerse themselves to the virtual world with Oculus eyeglasses, lie in a deckchair under an umbrella, as if on the island of Hawaii, participate in contests and win prizes - from chocolates to licenses for software products.

Although the conference is over, the profit is only ahead. This is a so-called "effect of CodeFest": within 72 hours after a heavy program each participant starts to trigger some changes. Someone will start learning a new programming language, someone will change the team work scheme, someone will open a startup. 20 hours passed since the end of the conference. We came back home. We've got 52 hours left to bring changes to live. Let's see what happens...

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