CodeFest 2018

CodeFest 2018

Our guys visited one of the biggest IT conferences in the Russian Federation - Codefest. It is held every year and always pleases with a big number of captivating and inspirational sessions and a warm-hearted atmosphere. This time wasn’t the exception.

There were 6 sections which touched upon different topics such as QA, Back end, Front end, Mobile, and Management.

At Codefest there were more than 2 000 people. It is hard to imagine the place where so many developers and designers could gather together, here in Russia. Our team members were there at the 6th time: met new people, got new knowledge and positive emotions.

codefest 10

Codefest amazes with the quality and a number of reports every year. This time you could listen to the speakers from Google, Twitter, Booking.com, Samsung, and many different Russian companies which you may have heard about - 2GIS, Vkontakte, Beeline, etc. It was really an outstanding opportunity to be on their sessions.

Our guys stayed under a great impression of the lectures’ level. Thanks to all Russian IT-community.

There was a lot of fabulous information but several sessions made the guys’ brains reel.

For example, they learned about Web view and its opportunities, the speaker from Samsung told about Intersection Observer (we all will definitely hear about this tool in the future), also, there was the discussion about React.js and Vue.js pros and cons.

“A visit to Codefest always charges me with motivation to my work for the next months. The atmosphere of the event, people and sessions give this effect. So, knowledge is not only one reason why we go there”, - said Denis, team lead at ADCI Solutions.

But guys brought from Codefest not only knowledge. Free sticker packs, free T-shirts, free pens and other free stuff were there for all participants. Who would refuse the sweet gifts for memory? Nobody, of course.

At the end of the 2nd conference day, there was the blithesome party where you could speak with other developers, discuss sessions, have fun and dance!

Look at some bright moments in the gallery below.

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