April 4, 2017

Hello there, dear guest! Whoever you’re -  a Drupal fellow, a random visitor or any IT-world representative - have a seat and read about the biggest Siberian IT-conference for developers, managers, teamleads and others.

Codefest embraces several areas: QA, Back-end, Front-end, Mobile, PM, Design. It’s 2 days, more than 80 lecturers and almost 2 thousand guests. 11 out of these 2000 were presented by ADCI Solutions team. It’s our 5th time at the conference already!

ADCI Solutions team

If you’ve ever been to such an event you could probably imagine the level of an audience’s diversity and speakers’ expertise. GitHub, Uber, Google, Microsoft, Booking.com, Acronis. If you speak and think in Russian you’d be swept off your feet by speakers from Yandex, 2GIS, vkontakte.

But it’s people who make everything great not a company name. We were inspired how a guy from a small Russian town implemented a resource-management system at his workplace of 150 people. We were absolutely amazed how thoroughly, strictly and meticulously the product manager from Yandex (Russia) and his team test the product. Our developers almost cried of happiness after the lecture on Angular and React.

The swag items and intense distribution of sponsors’ stuff goes without saying, of course. Hallelujah, free t-shirts! Hallelujah, free stickers! Hallelujah you cool dev people! Those were great 2 days for Russian IT-community.

Some pictures for those who love eye candy.

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