New Year 2016

The New Year is knocking at the door, so last Friday all ADCI team gathered together to celebrate upcoming 2016 year, exchange gifts and spend a great time together! 

This time the New Year corporate party was going in the atmosphere of the fairytale. We turned into the characters of the popular Russian fairytale "12 months". That is the fairytale of a stepdaughter whose stepmother was very cruel so she made her stepdaughter go to the forest in winter to get her snowdrops. For everyone, it's obvious that you can't find any snowdrops in winter. But the stepdaughter met 12 months and they helped her to change seasons and get snowdrops. 

And we all became the part of this new year story, went through all challenges together and after winning the competitions found snowdrops! 

Of course, as it is a New Year celebrations we played a Secret Santa game which is already our tradition. In the beginning of the party, the CEO of the company dressed like a Santa Claus together with his elves presented gifts to everyone. That was a very touching moment because we shared a moment of curiosity and happiness. 

After the games, gifts, and fairytales we continued the celebration, talking to each other and laughing at jokes. 

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope, the next year will be even more amazing than 2015. 

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