January 11, 2018

New Year is a perfect and magic time when streets are decorated with garlands and people are trying to find the best gifts for their beloved and friends. Holiday atmosphere is felt everywhere. In Russia, New Year is more popular than Christmas and that’s why we were preparing for the celebration with a great excitement. And on the last Friday of 2017, we had the ADCI Solutions’ New Year party. We gathered together to exchange presents and spend a great time in a good company.

Our jolly party started with the especially warm moment - our traditional Secret Santa game. Everybody got a big box of sweets from the company and a cute present from a colleague. Nobody knew from whom they got the present. And after this, we raised our glasses with champagne and wished each other Happy New Year!

Furthermore, we summed up the humorous results of the year 2017. We had our own Oscar ceremony where all the outstanding team members were awarded with such titles as "The best front-end developer” or “The best article author”, and got the respect of their colleagues.

This New Year’s party were singing songs, competing in dancing, saying each other the warm words that were keeping to ourselves, and playing cheerful games.

ADCI Solutions wishes you to have a crazy, rocking, exciting, and magical New Year! It's time to forget the past and celebrate a new beginning. Happy New Year!


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