Omsk Running Day

We run to be healthy and strong!

Running is one of the most popular activities in the world. There are some national and world running days. In our city we have our own Running day. Usually it’s on 23d of September.

We took part! And now we are really excited to bring you the details of the first running day for our team. So, it was September, 23, a lot of people who like runnning gathered in one place. There were two fixed distances: 4 and 8 km. We chose 4 km for the first time. Many participants chose this distance, too. We were not trying to show best results, everybody was running for fun!

It was a healthy and active day. Everybody reached the finish line and was happy after the event. We decided that we will participate in the running day every year! To feel the atmosphere of the race, we want to share some photos.

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