May 16, 2016

Hello, world! We’ve already woken up feeling brand new and refreshed after having a good sleep at those awesome berths at the train. Now we’re rushing to tell you about  our weekend filled with studying, getting to know with other developers and for selfie’s sake - joining the dark side.

Last year tracks greatly fit in IT-trends and developers’ needs so they were completely the same: QA, Frontend, Backend, Design and two barcamp-like tracks at the first day, Backend, Management, Mobile, 2 barcamps as well - at the second day.

Codefest-2016 is no longer about squeezing oneself like sardine just to catch a glimpse of these cool peeps from Intel, Booking. com, ivi. ru, Evangelist, Coub, etc.
That time we were blessed with online track-broadcasting. Having your hair cut at the Heads’ fire stand? - Here you go. Educate yourself. Sneaking behind Dart Veider’s back to take a legendary selfie? Well, make it fancier with broadcasted lecture.

What we love the most about CodeFest - we’re being surrounded by people cut out of the same cloth: they share their genuinely childish emotions from interacting with bionic hand, playing with RoboRover, they do blush like us when being proposed to take a photo with stunning young lady occupying the motobike (we were waiting for her to absent somewhere for a while to seat over that moto beast, though).

Enough said. Don’t think twice - go get yourself together and join the ADCI Solutions side next time we have the time of our life at the CodeFest.

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