December 11, 2013
We celebrate the anniversary of our company on November 29. ADCI Solutions company was founded this day 6 years ago.
This year we decided to make a surprise for our CEO. In the evening we all pretended to leave the office. When the boss left, some of us returned to inflate balloons and decorate the office with them. On the balls we wrote our favorite team jokes and some funny phrases from our customers. The balls were lying on the floor, hanging on the ceiling and on the walls. In the morning our CEO came to the decorated office and was presented with a pie with six candles.
The team was presented with the coffee machine. We all crowded around and nobody wanted to read the instructions book because it was too thick. Then we decided to experiment and prepared the first espresso. Of course, we poured it away but had a lot of joy. Now the buzzling sound is constantly heard from the kitchen. Everybody drinks coffee and remains energetic.
The day after we went to the nature to celebrate the anniversary of the company. On Saturday early in the morning we were running in the supermarket and buying food (because the day before we had drunk too much coffee). On the way to the camping we understood that the nature decided to give us a gift too. It was the first time when it snowed this winter. On our corporate holiday we did everything together, as expected. We played volleyball, table tennis, and frisbee, grilled kebabs, steamed in a bath, and dived into the outdoor swimming pool. (It was -5 C outside).
We met in the office Monday morning full of positive charge and ready to work tirelessly for the whole year!

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