Our trip to DrupalCon Barcelona

Our trip to DrupalCon Barcelona

The end of this September was remarkable for us! We, the ADCI solutions team, went to the DrupalCon Barcelona 2015, the largest Drupal conference in Europe and one of the biggest Drupal events in the whole world!

Last year Drupal Association announced that we have become a design partner of this DrupalCon and it became our objective to design the conference, its logo, website and all the stickers, posters and so on. We started working with the amazing team of Drupal Association and local Barcelona team, and our productive cooperation resulted in the DrupalCon Barcelona design thousands of people were able to see.

When the time came, the part of our team responsible for designing of the conference went to the sunny city of Barcelona, where fruit trees grow on the streets and every building is a showplace! Valeria, Ekaterina, Alexander, and Leonid represented ADCI solutions on a world Drupal arena. We had our own stand with a colorful mosaic and hundreds of frisbee disks all of which were given away. Despite that, we have spent most of the time of the conference at our stand communicating with different people we were able to visit several the most interesting sessions of DrupalCon Barcelona.

Of course, the conference was not the only part of our trip! We enjoyed the pleasant Spanish sunshine, delicious food, and beautiful sights!
Finally, we prepared one great news for you! ADCI solutions will design the next European DrupalCon Dublin 2016 as well!

Stay tuned!

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