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A webinar on value-based management for Drupal4Gov

A webinar on value-based management for Drupal4Gov

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A value-based approach to management plays an important part in building effective and bonded teams. Being a Head of Organizational Development I use this approach a lot and was honored to expand on this topic in a webinar organized by Drupal4Gov.

The value-based approach differs a manager from a leader. The manager tends to put the project’s goals above personal goals of team members. On the other hand, the leader is the one who seeks to build a strong commitment based on an intersection of the project goals and the personal goals and values of their team members.

In this webinar, we will dive into the concept of value-based leadership and its importance for tech teams. 

Agenda of the webinar:

  1. Basics of team management with Tuckman's stages of team development. I’ve prepared real examples of the leader's role in different situations.
  2. Role of personal values in the process of managing a team. We'll talk about personal and project values, find their intersection, and learn how to present the team member's opportunities through their own values.
  3. Simon Sinek's theory of a Golden Circle which contains the insight into why some leaders and organizations have achieved such an exceptional degree of influence.
  4. The simplest coaching model that you can try to use even if you haven't had any experience in it.

You can watch the webinar recording below or check out the slides here. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about team leadership.

Read on about Tuckman’s model of team development

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