Drupal Global Training Day 6

Drupal Global Training Day 6

This spring weekend was really fruitful. And all of this because of Drupal Global Training Day which we have held for the 6th time. We are proud of the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event.

The ADCI Solutions team is still the only one who holds GTD in the whole Russian Federation! So our participants had the really unique possibility.

This time we decided to make this event even more interesting and useful and divided the programme into 2 days. The first day was a theory day, and the second was full of practical tasks.  But let’s dive into the details of Drupal GTD in Omsk.

On the first day, newcomers listened to 5 reports on web development team’s work. Our speakers told about each part of a project work from the beginning till the end.

From the Denis’ speech, the audience learned how a whole project is designed. Denis narrated about each role in a web development team and how they should work for the successful finish.

Tanya told about web designers’ responsibilities and tasks in the project. She shared all of her favorite work tools with Drupal GTD participants. Also, Tanya referred to the question of empathy and said how it’s important to love your colleagues.

Then, Artyom and Sasha showed the back-end part of work. They explained the value of it. “If something breaks in the back-end part, the user will notice it because the site simply doesn’t work”, - Artyom said.

Guys from the front-end department - Maksim and Dima - told about their job. They shared tools and useful links with the help of which newcomers could dive into the JS world.
And the brilliant end of our Global Training Day became the Iuliia's report on the Drupal Community and Open Source features. She narrated real-life stories about people from the Drupal world who became successful.

We heard a lot of warm words from our participants and were waiting for the second day with a great impatience.

On the second day, Marina and her assistants held a captivating code competition. They showed to newcomers how to build their own website with Drupal, how to make a custom theme and custom module. To our great pleasure, all of the teams got the tasks done.

Look at the photos from the 6th Drupal GTD in Omsk in the gallery.

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