Drupal Global Training Day #5

Drupal Global Training Day #5

Once upon a fall Saturday morning Drupal-minded developers got together. The reason was Drupal Global Training Day #5.

This event is for those who do not know anything about Drupal and for those who have just started to explore Drupal.

We unlocked a new location: it was Omsk State University. Also, we tried a new format of Drupal Global Training Day. Do you want to know how it was? Read on.

The junior developer Sasha Lopata told about the Drupal CMS, its history, competitive advantages and why it’s chosen to create a large number of websites in  “Meet Drupal in half an hour” session.

Another Sasha demonstrated the step-by-step process of creating a module in Drupal 8 and reported about the basic techniques and technologies.

The front-end developer Dima disclosed the interesting topic: "Theming in the Zen style: how to create a Drupal 8 theme". He showed how to manage the display of content on a Drupal site and what possibilities the platform under discussion provides.

The content marketer Iuliia wrapped the theory part up with the talk on the Drupal Community. She showed the participants how the Community lives, communicates and how its members collaborate and help each other.

GTD 5 - 6

This time we tried a new concept of the conference. For the first time in Omsk was a workshop on creating Drupal sites in real time: this is a great way to consolidate your knowledge.

On the practice session the team lead Artyom and the developer Marina with the participants created their first own website and a module.

We asked Artyom about the practical part and how to organize it for Drupal newcomers.

And what he replied: “At the practice we created a module framework, routers, forms, and blocks. There was also an additional "home" task for the participants. In my opinion, in order to master some technology, you need to code a lot. Think up some interesting tasks for you that you and try to implement it. Start with the simplest things and gradually add new functionality.

Thanks to everyone who has found the time to come. This event happened, all because of you. Let’s create Drupal events together.

GTD 5 - 2

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