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If you have a private practice as a physical therapist, a website and online presence is a must. Otherwise, your potential clients have little or no chances to find you and become your loyal customer. Let’s fix it!

Our physical therapy web design services

The services for a physical therapy website don’t differ much from standard web design services. Although such websites have a specific set of features (we will talk about them below), the process of implementing the web design is streamlined in our company. See what our web designers and developers can do for you.


User experience design

This is the first stage when a physical therapist/owner tells more about their target audience so that we can plan user scenarios, key actions that users should do, and how they will be achieving their goals on website pages.


User interface design

Once the UX is done, we polish the wireframes we have and apply a color scheme, pictures and illustrations, design website pages and elements. Now your web design is done!

Web 0

The physical therapy web development

If there’s no website yet, we will create an easily-operated website where you can add, remove, edit content.


Front-end development

Google requires websites to be mobile-friendly, and we thoroughly follow this guideline while applying designs. We are always ready to explain the specifics to the business.

Solutions for a physical therapy website

Check our design concept for a physical therapy website. Our design team is ready to create a similar website design adjusted to your needs and goals.


What you will love about our physical therapy web design


We guide our clients through a whole design process and never leave them on their own. With us, you will be an equal participant in the overall design project. To make your experience smooth, we have done preparatory work.

You’ll love our research on the necessary features. First of all, make sure that your website adheres to the accessibility requirements. You may find the main obligations in our article “Why Accessibility is important”. 

Secondly, the UX in general and navigation and structure of pages, in particular, should be simple and understandable. For example, don’t bury the key pages in child pages: it should be easy to access the online consultation page or other pages with CTAs. 

Thirdly, don’t omit the must-have features of your industry. The features for new clients: a list of services and prices, FAQ, contact forms, a schedule, a live chat. The features for current clients: a personal account, notifications,  test results, doctor’s notes and diagnoses from the consultation.

Fourthly, don’t neglect SEO rules and make sure you address all Google’s requirements. For example, it’s official that responsive websites rank better.

What are our other strengths?

  • The scalable website design. Add new pages and be sure they will have a consistent look and feel!
  • Custom design: we create unique designs that are cut out for your target audience and visitors. 
  • Intuitive UX: we design with simple navigation and clear UX in mind. It must be obvious how to complete the key actions.
  • Easiness of use. Add, delete, or edit pages on your own


Why do our clients choose ADCI Solutions?

ADCI Solutions expertise is proven by real customer reviews - find them on Clutch. Clutch is “A platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders.” 

See our awards and accolades. 

2017 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch
2018 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch 
2019 Listing: Top Drupal Developers Worldwide announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top B2B providers in Russia announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top 1000 Companies Clutch Global

We also have an unparalleled experience of working with healthcare organizations, for example, a Children’s Medical Center. During 5+ years of work, we had migrated their website, had developed new features that increased the number of requests for online consultations, and have been designing newsletters and graphics for their campaigns and promotions.

The website is presented as online registration. The user comes to the website to make an appointment, get an online consultation, and find out the test results. All CTA elements are highlighted with the clinic's corporate colors and collected on the first screen of the main page. In the section “services and prices”, users calculate the total cost of medical services from different sectors.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need the same website for your medical practice.

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