Web portal development

Imagine you’re researching a topic for your doctoral thesis or working closely with a particular industry or an international community. One day you find a website that literally has all you need: it includes a strong search so that you can find all you need in across terabytes of information, offers great customer service, and other than that it has a modern intuitive interface! Wait, are we talking about web portals?

Our web portal development services

Web portals that are platforms dedicated to providing services and information to a particular group of people, definitely have their specific features and typical though custom web solutions. Web portal development like any other development consists of several stages and services. See what our portal development company offers.


UX (user experience) design

The overall process of how users communicate with a website is the basis for any design. When we know how users interact with pages and how they are supposed to complete a key action - we draw mock-ups of pages.


UI (user interface) design

It’s the stage where we apply brand colors, finish grey wireframes and make them bright and beautiful.

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Web development

Once the design is complete, we build a website. Back-end developers turn business processes into a particular logical set of actions on the website. Front-end developers turn digital assets into a beautiful pixel-perfect web design.

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Web portal support and maintenance

Your website will always be easy and safe to use for end customers. ADCI Solutions keeps an eye on regular security updates and suggests what can be improved.

Kinds of web portals

There are different kinds of portals that we can develop for your business. 

  1. A vendor portal is sometimes called a partner portal. If your organization collaborates with many partners and supporting organizations and you have a mutual initiative that you develop together, you need a vendor portal. It accumulates content for vendors and usually doesn’t have many access levels. Share a workflow description, a guide on how to be involved and rules for all participating vendors.
  2. A customer portal. If your company sells a popular product (iPhone) or offers a complex service, you might need a place to let your customers communicate with each other. There they can share and talk about common issues and problems, and solve problems together. Such a forum can become a great help for your customer support! This kind of portal is also known as a community portal.
  3. E-learning portal. This educational platform either covers inquiries on a particular subject (say, a portal with information on endangered species of North America) or unites different topics that are a part of the educational programs of some organization (a university).
  4. Intranet portal. If your team needs a special tool with a highly customed functionality like a CRM system or an ERP system, we will create a unique portal based on your goals and objectives.

Our solutions for web portals

Food Delivery Profile

Food Delivery Profile is literally Anything-Delivery-Profile. The delivery business has made a big leap during the worldwide lockdown in 2020, and according to studies and researches, eCommerce will be flourishing in the future.

  • The Homepage: Product of the day, Bestsellers, Special offers, New products, Sale, Featured products, Product search
  • The products catalog with a convenient price filter. The product card shows a detailed product description, price, and it contains the button “Add to the cart”
  • The How it works page that contains the FAQ section and the workflow description
  • The About Us page
  • The Shopping cart area
  • The Contact Us page
  • Bonus: the Typography page. Designers and front-end developers will absolutely love it 

Use our ready-to-use profile for your delivery business. Flowers, food, toys, construction materials - you name it.

Absolutely free. 


Connect profile

This is the profile designed especially for news and media websites. What’s in here?

  • The Homepage divided into several sections: the first screen introduces the main news which has a bigger content area, it is followed by a few less important news that are placed in one row. The huge screen for the main theme that is being discussed right now. The grid with the rest of the news.
  • The side burger menu brings us to a specific topic. For your convenience, the search is implemented there
  • The About Us page
  • The Contact Us page

Would you like us to rebuild this profile according to your goals? Let’s talk!


Bibliography and Citation (aka BibCite) 

Bibliography and Citation is the most important module in Drupal for keeping, outputting, exporting and importing bibliographic data. There’s no substitute for it in Drupal 8. The project also helps to design citation of sources according to thousands of standards that have been accepted at different times in different organizations.

The project consists of several submodules:

  • Bibliography & Citation
  • Bibliography & Citation - Entity
  • Bibliography & Citation - Import
  • Bibliography & Citation - Export
  • Bibliography & Citation - BibTeX 
  • Bibliography & Citation - Endnote
  • Bibliography & Citation - Marc
  • Bibliography & Citation - RIS

Find more details about each of them in the case study about BibCite.

Use cases 

We asked Bibcite’s users, web developers of research centers and universities, about their experience.

Ricardo Marcelino told us about Omibee Research, a prebuilt Drupal installation with Bibliography & Citation in the core package that enables research centers and institutes to have their own online platform with low entry effort. They extended this Drupal project by creating modules that allow syncing publications from ORCID, DSpace, and other sources.

João Rochate from Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa said that BibCite helps to organize and catalog CLUL scientific production by associating publications with each member. Some reports for research evaluation can also be produced from the publication database. From a set of submodules, the Crossref and PubMed modules are most used.

The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies’s website is maintained by Plethora Design. It contains the page with publications, each provided with Google Scholar and DOI links, and some modules are used for importing bibliographic data.

Find more information in the article “Six use cases that highlight the benefits of the Bibliography & Citation project”.

BibCite is just great for organizing any information and can be used on websites for media, libraries, magazines, and so on. BibCite can organize any information the way you like it, and make it easy to migrate between websites.

Use our free Bibliography and Citation project.



Why do our clients choose ADCI Solutions?


Clients choose our full-cycle web development company not only for the beautiful pictures from the portfolio but for the results they get and for our proactive approach.

Some figures:

  • 80% of new clients stay with us for the second and further projects
  • 10+ years - we’ve been on the market since 2007, and our knowledge base is pretty impressive
  • 2-3 weeks - average start time for a big project (500+ hours). During this time, we clarify the scope of work, sign necessary documents, and assign a team of expert developers
  • 5/5 - our mark on Clutch. Read reviews about our work and check our awards.

2017 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch
2018 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch 
2019 Listing: Top Drupal Developers Worldwide announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top B2B providers in Russia announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top 1000 Companies Clutch Global

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