Bibliography & Citation

Project that allows keeping, outputting, exporting and importing bibliographic data

Bibliography & Citation project consists of several modules and provides following features:

Bibliography & Citation

It is a core module that provides API for a render of bibliography citation. The library we used is from official CSL style repository with over 8000 styles. Those styles are available without charge under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (BY-SA) license.

Bibliography & Citation - Entity

Implements storage for bibliography data as Drupal entities: bibliography, contributor and keyword. Bibliography entity can be rendered as citations, exported and imported.

Bibliography & Citation - Export

Provides the possibility to export bibliography content. Adds export links to citations (configurable).

Bibliography & Citation - Import

Provides import feature and UI for import from files.

Bibliography & Citation - BibTeX

Provides possibility to use BibTeX format for import and export.

Bibliography & Citation - Endnote

Provides possibility to use EndNote 7 XML, EndNote X3 XML and EndNote Tagged formats for import and export.

Bibliography & Citation - Marc

Provides possibility to use MARC format for import and export.

Bibliography & Citation - RIS

Provides possibility to use RIS format for import and export.

Related modules:

You can help us with:

  1. Some testing of the existing code. All code is in repository of the project.
  2. Your suggestions about new features, issues.
  3. New ideas about improving of the structure.

The module is under active development. If you have any questions or need more information about release date, please contact us.

Subscribe to the Bibliography & Citation project on Twitter! Watch out for major and minor changes and resolved issues, meet organizations that use the project, learn about use cases and consult with us: 

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