Metatag Google Scholar

The Metatag Google Scholar module provides meta tags to index content/articles in Google Scholar

The Metatag Google Scholar module provides number of meta tags to help with indexing of scholarly content/articles in Google Scholar.

Currently the module adds the following Highwire Press tags:

  • citation_title
  • citation_author
  • citation_publication_date
  • citation_journal_title
  • citation_issn
  • citation_isbn
  • citation_volume
  • citation_issue
  • citation_firstpage
  • citation_lastpage
  • citation_dissertation_institution
  • citation_technical_report_institution
  • citation_technical_report_number
  • citation_pdf_url


This module requires the following modules:


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. Check this link for further information.


Follow the same steps as you normally configure the Metatag module by navigating admin/config/search/metatag page. You'll find additional Google Scholar group in Metatag forms.

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