A template engine, a substitute for Twig or Smarty. Parses templates via Tokenizer extension of PHP
Fenom is a lightweight, fast, flexible template engine, which can be a good substitute for Twig or Smarty. It parses templates via Tokenizer extension of PHP.

Main features
  1. Maximum flexibility. It allows to add any functionality or to change the behavior of a template.
  2. Security. It has a protection from various injections and misusing of the various operators of the templating.
  3. Performance should be comparable to the speed pattern generating that was written in pure PHP code. But under certain conditions, Fenom must win.
  4. KISS 
  5. Smarty-like syntax

What is under the hood?
Also we modified Bartik theme to help you to start using this theme engine quick.
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Erlan Aytpaev

Team Lead

Next modules

Solr Query Builder

Poviding UI for building, sending and debugging custom queries to Apache Solr

Big Video

Providing the attachment of the background video to site pages. Theme style updating may be needed

Quick Login

Quick login without typing a password each time. For Development/Testing stages only

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