This module is strongly not recommended to be used on production servers. Development / Testing Only.

Tired of forgetting the admin / moderator / test user passwords and switching between these users with drupal forms? We were too. Quick login module is dedicated to solve that. It creates the url /quick-login/[user_name] which allows you to log in as any known user in the system without the need to know the password or special token of that user or submitting any forms.

For example, just go to url with your browser and it will log you in as admin user. It doesn't even have any settings or permissions forms. So you just activate it and start using it. This modules was created to save your development and testing time.

We know there are devel and masquerade modules which solve quite the same problem. But we needed even faster way to switch between users. It's especially good for UI testing so you can pass a straight url for your test bot to switch to desired user without any form submissions.

This module doesn't have any settings or permissions forms. So be careful not to use it on any production website.

There will be a warning about it on every page when you install this module.

The development release is feature complete. The project will not have a full stable release because having one would trigger the security advisory policy and this module, by its very nature, is a security vulnerability.