Big Video

Providing the attachment of the background video to site pages. Theme style updating may be needed

The BigVideo module provides the ability for attaching background video to site pages.


You'll probably need to adapt/update your theme styles to make your theme look good with background videos.


This module requires the following modules and libraries:
- Modules:

- Libraries:


- Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See for further information.
- Make sure what you have installed and configured Video.js module.
- Download the BigVideo.js and ImagesLoaded libraries.
- Place the libraries in the appropriate directories:

  • sites/all/libraries/imagesloaded/imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js
  • sites/all/libraries/bigvideojs/css/bigvideo.css
  • sites/all/libraries/bigvideojs/css/bigvideo.png
  • sites/all/libraries/bigvideojs/lib/bigvideo.js
  • sites/all/libraries/bigvideojs/bower.json (if exists)
  • sites/all/libraries/bigvideojs/BigVideo.jquery.json (if exists)


- Add new BigVideo source at admin/config/user-interface/bigvideo/sources
- Add BigVideo pages at admin/config/user-interface/bigvideo
- (extra) BigVideo provide reaction (BigVideo Background) for Context module.


- Please change site jQuery version to 1.7 (or newer), this is required for BigVideo library.

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