You can turn leaving visitors into repeat customers!

Module "Bounce reasons" asks your visitors about the cause of closing pages.

  • Maybe they do not find what they were looking for?

  • Or do not understand how to order?
  • Maybe they do not trust your website?

Stop guessing! Just ask them!

  • Set the form of the poll to the product, cart or payments pages.
  • Ask the user answers, why they leave your site.
  • Gather statistics (popular answers and personal observations).
  • Give users what they want and turn failures into shopping!

Module "Bounce reasons" can keep users who try to close your site. You can set own question, build custom poll via "Webform" module.
(The module works with Internet Explorer 6 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Firefox doesn't show custom message. Opera works if the user is allowed to perform such actions).
You can find out why people go out and use this knowledge as a tool to increase your online sales!


  1. Webform
  2. Ctools


  1. Unzip the module files to the "sites/all/modules" directory.
  2. Enable the module in the "Administration panel > Modules > Webform" section.


  1. On the edit page of webform click to "Bounce reasons" -> "Use as template form" options
  2. Go to node/*webform nid*/reasons_bounce
  3. Set configuration.
  4. Congratulations! You created a poll!
  5. You can find the responces to your poll on the node/*webform nid*/webform-resultse node/*webform nid*/webform-results