This module provide user-friendly interface for interaction with ChargeBee service. Also, using module API you can add functional to existing integration or create custom.


  1. Libraries API
  2. Entity API

Installation instructions

  1. Download and install Libraries and Entity modules.
  2. Download the ChargeBee PHP library into your site's sites/all/libraries/chargebee-php directory.
  3. Download and install this module.
  4. Go to admin/config/services/chargebee page and copy/paste your site name and API key from ChargeBee.
  5. Set the same "Webhook hash" value in settings on your site and ChargeBee (Be careful, this value should not become known to outsiders).
  6. Go to the "ChargeBee Plans" tab (admin/config/services/chargebee/plans) and add plans for local use.
  7. Edit new plans. Add a description and role, associated with plan.