With the Webform marketing module you are able to fetch url parameters so the external site is referred in webform fields with the 'Webform marketing' field type. The data is stored in a cookie, so you can have a different landing page then your webform.


1. Download and install the module
2. Now new field type "Webform marketing field" is available for webforms.


1. Webform

How to add a field

1. Add a new field with 'Webform marketing field' type
2. Fill standart fields like key and label.
3. Fill Parameter name. This is the main property of this field type. Parameter name should correspond with the name of a variable in the get query string. If you want to get referrer URL than you should enter 'sitereferrer'.
4. Check Hidden if you need to hide the field or uncheck it if you want to have a standart text input field.


You have the url: http://www.mysite.com/path?param1=test1&param2=test2
Two 'Webform marketing field' fields for the webform should be created and "Parameter name" should be set as 'param1' and 'param2'. When users come to your site from referral urls browser will save this data to cookies 'param1' and 'param2'. Javascript will fill necessary fields on the page with the webform automatically. This way you'll always have data from referrals after the form is submitted.