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Commerce profile is the best way for you to display and sell your products online - fastly and inexpensively

Our Commerce profile is the best way for you to display and sell your products, whatever you sell. It is designed to help making your online selling fast, easy and inexpensive. The profile comes built-together with the features for selling products thanks to integrated Drupal Commerce module. The theme layout always fits perfect on every screen no matter the size is: desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.It’s the best way to start your business and showcase your projects or sell your products. The profile consists of well-organized files and it’s easy to modify and customize whatever you want.

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We’ve added test products that you had an opportunity to check how it works before you create your own. You can delete test content on this page - yoursite/admin/content.

Installation of test content may take some time. If you get the “Maximum execution time...” error, need to increase the max_execution_time parameter in php.ini file.

There is the “Newsletter subscribe” block that’s included in the commerce profile (take a look at the website footer). To configure it (name, description, email, etc.) you need to go the following path - yoursite/admin/config/services/simplenews and then click on the “edit newsletter category” link.

To install the profile

  1. Unzip the folder and copy it to necessary folder of your server.
  2. Install your new website with the corporate profile. It’s set by default, you just need to click the “Save and continue” button and follow the instructions.
  3. Wait for the commerce profile to be installed, enable the necessary modules and enjoy your website.

Thank you for choosing the Commerce profile!

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Front-end Developer

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