SEO Starter Kit

A search-, user- and social-friendly SEO profile was created to save your time and solve issues
SEO is one of the most important and difficult parts of the work performed on the site. But despite its complexity SEO solves the same problems from site to site.

Drupal provides a lot of tools aimed at SEO. And after you find them you will have a few question:
  1. how to choose the most appropriate tools from them
  2. how to correctly configure these tools to achieve maximum improvement SEO for this site
  3. how to refuse of manual configuration and apply automation.
SEO Profile was created to save your time and to help with following problems:

1. Search Engine Friendly

  • Site verification
  • Robots txt
  • Google analytics
  • Redirect + Global Redirect + Transliteration
  • Metatag

2. User Friendly

  • Clean URLs + Pathauto
  • Sitemap
  • Footer Sitemap
  • Path Breadcrumbs
  • External Links
  • Search 404

3. Social Friendly

  • Easy Social

4. Performance

  • Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation
  • Fences
  • Remove default css files
  • jQuery Update

5. RDF

  • RDF + RDFx

6. Content

  • Content analysis
  • Content optimizer
  • Link checker
SEO is constantly changing and evolving and this profile also should not stand still, so if you have suggestions or comments, please report it to us.

After install you need to:
  1. remove robots txt file
  2. configure the "Site Verification" and the "Google Analytics" module
  3. put the "Footer Sitemap" block to the bottom of your site
  4. create the "Access denied" page

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Erlan Aytpaev

Team Lead

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