DrupalCon Dublin

Overall conference design and branding for the open source conference DrupalCon

During last few months Drupal Association together with us have worked on creating a logo and website’s elements for Dublin DrupalCon 2016. New host city - new ideas and inspiration!


That was quite long before we created the final version of the logo. Dublin is a very multi-faceted city; it could tell its visitors many different stories. So we needed to choose the main idea to bring to the logo. There are many options to choose from: many famous writers, theatrical performances, dozens of interesting architectural details and also warm-hearted and friendly citizens.

Initially we started with the concept which was connected with books and famous writers as James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Barclay Beckett on the one hand, and with locals’ passion of telling stories, their sociability and friendliness on another hand. We combinied all those things with the Drupal drop (Druplicon) symbol in several different combinations.


But later local Irish community refused this idea, so we decided to highlight architectural peculiarities. Dublin has one nice feature - all doors in the city centre are painted in different colors. There are a few versions explaining this. Somebody tells that it’s all because of freedom-loving Irish nature and a protest against monotonous Georgian buildings. Another similar version: after Queen Victoria’s death English goverment ordered to color all doors in Dublin in mourning but didn’t specified which color to use exactly. So each local used a paint which he had in the lumber room amd colored a door. And third, less patriotic version, tells that all doors are differently colored to help drunk locals to find their homes.

So we decided to use a door symbol in the logo and combinied it with the Drupal drop, also we added watercolor texture to emphasize Dublin’s climatic features.


Drupal Association and Irish local community approved this logo and after that we started to work on the next stage - the website of the conference.

Initially we created the draft with active usage of watercolor textures but then Association offered to try the completelly new way of designing - using Style Tiles. It’s a new approach to beginning design stages. Usually it’s a single page collection of common elements including color palettes, typography, textures, patterns, and other features. It’s more effective than moodboards for presenting to clients because it provides more focused vision of the project.

The important thing to remember about Style Tiles is that they are not a final representation of how the website will look like; instead, they help to define the mood, tone and 'feeling' of a website based on what you've learnt from the client in your initial kickoff meetings.


You read more about Style Tiles here and there.

Well, we selected the color palette, fonts and style of graphical elements. Then we prepared some separated elements of the website: header, top illustration, footer and some icons. Association used them to create working website.


There is a lot of work ahead. We’ve already used the style and graphical elements for different related materials: banners, web badges, presentation templates and other things. Most of digital assets are ready and till the end of September we’ll work on printed materials: signage templates, conference program guide and venue map. And we’ll definitely tell you about all of those things after the Conference. See you in Dublin!

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