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Drupal development for the world-class team that creates performance-enhancing products

About the company

Raze Motorsports is a world-class team of individuals that has the same passion in common: to create performance-enhancing products for snowbikes, UTV’s, Jetskis, snowmobiles and diesel trucks without the limits and hassles of the current ones on the market. Raze Motorsports specializes in aftermarket performance enhancing ECU components, custom engine strategies, engine calibrations, state of the art turbo systems and performance kits.


Our primary goal of this project was to build a full-fledged e-сommerce site that can increase sales and enhance client servicing. Also, we had to implement a flexible and easy-to-use back-end interface for site administrators.

Why Drupal was chosen

Drupal is an open-source CMS with hundreds of useful solutions that can easily cover any development goal that can be set. For example, wide opportunities for content authoring customization allow us to create a great user interface for administration needs. Moreover, Drupal Commerce is one of the most flexible and powerful e-сommerce solution (as well as Drupal itself) on the web. That's why Drupal is a perfect choice for Raze Motorsports' requirements.


Catalog search

There are a lot of different products of various brands, models and production years presented at the site. All these products have to be shown in a very easy and accessible way. We decided to use Faceted Search along with Search API to make the search UI as easy as it’s possible: you can simply find the part you search for with filtering by year of production, brand model and a type of a vehicle.


Raze motorsports provides a flexible system of discounts and coupons for their clients. Discounts for anonymous, authorized users, free shippings and other. The Commerce Discount and the Commerce Coupon modules helped us to build such system on the site. For some complex discounts that couldn’t be covered with out-of-box features, we used API provided by these modules.



As any other full-fledged e-сommerce site, Raze Motorsports has integration with shipping services and payment gateways. UPS, that has several shipping services of different types, was used as the main shipping service provider. All rates are calculated immediately depending on the chosen option and shipping distance. As the main payment gateway, there is used Paypal with an internal and external type of payment.



Being inspired by the Raze Motorsports passion, we made the website management easier so that Raze Motorsports team can focus on their clients. We also implemented a convenient search, built a discount system and developed an integration with the most popular shipping and payment systems. Now the website works smoothly and the whole team can carry on with business development.

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Denis Usov

Team Lead
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Artyom Guryanov

Front-end Developer

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