Anniversary Drupal Cafe

Time flies fast when you do what you love! Just two years ago we founded the Omsk Drupal Community and we did a lot of work since then. Each quarter of the year we organize and host Drupal Cafes in Omsk, meetings for Drupal developers. We’ve come a long way since the first meeting which was attended by only 10 people. We constantly improved the program of Drupal Cafes, invited various speakers that are prominent figures in the IT world, and of course, we made every effort to make these meetings more interesting!

On September 5, the first Saturday of autumn, we held an anniversary Drupal Cafe #10. For the 10th time, Drupal developers and members of the Omsk Drupal Community gathered together and listened to 5 interesting sessions about the IT world, web-technologies, Drupal CMS and ADCI solutions’ works and achievements. This time Drupal Cafe grew a lot in the number of participants compared to what we started from. The anniversary meeting was attended by almost 80 people, more than some Drupal Camps gather in big cities. And as always 10th Drupal Cafe had a special atmosphere of comfort and friendliness.

We are very grateful to everyone who came to Drupal Cafe #10 and we’re looking forward to all of us to meet again!

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