Drupal Cafe #20

Drupal Cafe #20

Drupal Cafe #20

The ADCI team keeps the tradition of organizing Drupal Cafe. It’s a great opportunity for networking, learning new information and improving competence. Drupal Cafe celebrated its anniversary! We organized the 20th event, where we kept sticking to our high standards of sessions' quality.  

5 speakers told us about:

  1. Data science. The influence of mathematical, philosophical phycological problems during constructing Artificial Intelligence models.

  2. Drupal components. How a component approach to front-end developing helps to improve relationships between front- and back-end developers.

  3. React/Redux apps unit tests - effective approaches and cases.

  4. How to solve the tasks that suck: tips which help to save work time and be effective.

  5. How not to burn out. How to keep a healthy attitude to the work and refill your resources.

Many Q&A after each lection tell us about what smart and engaged audiences attend our events.

The most pleasant at our meetings is to hear words of gratitude from listeners. Providing helpful practical information is one of our goals. 

We’re happy to share useful knowledge and help web development beginners and more experienced guests in their learning. See you soon at the next event!

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