Drupal Cafe #15

Drupal Cafe #15

Hi Drupal friend! We’re always telling you how high our spirits are after each Drupal Cafe, encourage our website guests to hold one but we tend to omit one thing. It’s the efforts that we put into each event and an amount of hard work.

We already told you how Drupal Cafes are organized in this article. We haven’t changed this approach significantly but how the process looks like today?

First of all, we created a position of an event-manager: an event needs to be done and needs to be done flawless. No cross-functionality anymore. The event-manager is controlled by the Head of Organizational Development, who makes sure each Drupal Cafe follows the exact goal and vision. We strongly advise you on putting more resources into event management if you want to make it memorable, achieve the goals set and build a Drupal Community in your local hometown.

Secondly, we keep tight bounds with skilled Drupallers and loyal visitors. That figure is 70+ people today. Direct contacting and everlasting communication is a key to success: our guests always feel welcome.

 Drupal Cafe #15

Third thing to consider is being alert about what’s going on in the web world. The agenda of Drupal Cafe # 15 was rich. Participants learned about:

  • RESTful in Drupal 7 (hey, Drupal 7 still prospers!)
  • Design patterns in Drupal 8
  • Drupal 8 vs. Symfony
  • Drupal and Vue.js: how to work without jQuery
  • DrupalCon Baltimore experience

Our favourite wow-moment part was implemented through a DrupalCon Baltimore stuff lottery. The Drupal Cafe participants are heroes who bravely attended an early Saturday morning event and made this day full of joy.

Apply our knowledge and organize Drupal Cafes! Make them great, make them better!

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