Balcony and barbecue party

The summer season is officially opened! We relaunched our “Le Lama” balcony cafe and celebrated it with a huge barbecue party. We sweetened it up with a grand lottery: the prizes were the DrupalCon Baltimore stuff. T-shirts, notebooks, backpacks, sunglasses and many more. No one belonging to our big team was left aside. Our guys were guessing the riddles about their colleagues, searching for the team leads at the big collages and counting how many guys named Alex work in the company.

We are also striving to make our workflow more transparent and relaxed so we practiced a chit-chat with CEO: everybody could ask anything he or she wanted and Alex got nothing to do but to answer.

The whole thing was polished with singing our favourite songs out loud until the light in the office was cut off in the middle of the night and we were sitting in the rays of our mobile phones. Pretty good end of the party, isn’t it?

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