Birthday celebration: ADCI Solutions turns 9!

Birthday celebration: ADCI Solutions turns 9!

The 29th of November is the special day for ADCI Solutions. Nine years ago a founder of the company has started our first project with his team.

We had a look back through our history to see how our company evolved alongside the clients' needs and team ambitions. After these 9 years, we have professionally built not only project management processes, but also the processes within the company. This breakthrough occurred 3-4 years ago and helped us to create a good platform for sustainable growth. There are 35 people working at ADCI Solutions now. Quality not quantity is our main priority but this is still an impressing difference comparing to the beginning of the way.   

This year was especially rich in achievements. We’ve been to DrupalCon Dublin as both participants and a design partner. We’ve released our own monthly Drupal Digest with useful and relevant posts about web development and design. We’ve held the third Drupal Global Training day and Drupal Cafes which we deliver on a quarterly basis. Moreover, our team member got elected to be a part of an international Drupal GTD Working Group. And the last but not the least, we are proud to start working on our new clients’ projects such as Max Planck Institute for the History of Science websites development.

This day we are very happy with what we have achieved so far.

And as you can see we have had enough reasons to have a cheerful party previous weekend. This time we tried some unusual way to gather together. We chose a nice cozy bar in the city center and moved there after the hard working Friday hours. We awarded our heroes who made a lot for the company’s success this year with special gifts. We made a jolly quiz of our corporate culture and had a lot of fun answering amusing questions. We played board games after all!

Birthday is over and we are ready to work for the further success as never before.  

ADCI Solutions rocks!

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