Conjoint weekend has become a good tradition

Conjoint weekend has become a good tradition

After an incredible DrupalCon our team members - Alex, Marina and Denis - went to Berlin.

They had a couple goals: enjoy the views of Berlin, and, of course, meet with our old friends and business partners - gentlemen and ladies from Goldland Media.

Goldland Media is an agency which the ADCI Solutions team has been collaborating with for more than 3 years.

Representatives of Goldland Media have already visited Omsk last year. That time we had an awesome weekend, you can read about it in this blog.

We looked at work of our business partners and shared the best practices. It was an interesting experience for both of companies. But not only the working questions filled the whole time of the meeting.

Berlin is famous for its delicious beer and flavored brezels. And, of course, our partners treated us with these symbols of Germany.

Alex, Denis and Marina were grateful and gave our old friends a nice keepsake of this meeting.

The weekend ended with a boat ride of Denis and Alex. The cheerful designer from Goldland Media Quynh bore them company.

It was the excellent meeting full of fascinating experience, lively discussions and brilliant Berlin. We hope that it isn’t the last meeting and in a short time, we will see each other again.

You can look at photos in the gallery below the article!  

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