May 16, 2016

Our favourite educational event is on its way.

On 28th of May the Cafe participants will meet the completely different organizing approach.

That time we’ve decided to divide our lectures into 2 tracks: one for Drupal begginers and another - for the advanced.

Those who have just started will be introducted to the main Drupal principles, tools. Drupal experts will have a chance to contribute to the local Drupal-community and determine its future.

All in all, the ADCI Solutions' lecturers and developers from friendly studios will guide you into the world of code oragnization, Drupal web-services and interfaces, and such tools as Drush and Wodby.

The last one, by the way, will be conducted by our friend from the city of Novosibirsk. Don’t you miss it?

Get registered and see you on 28th of May in ADCI Events Hub!

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