Drupal Cafe #12: renewed and never ceasing to amaze

Drupal Cafe #12: renewed and never ceasing to amaze

Our challenging way to the new event framework ended up in the Drupal Cafe #12 last Saturday.

The Drupal Cafe #12 attracted up to 70 people: experienced Drupallers, beginners, even those non-related to the web-development area.

As had been planned, the participants were split into 2 tracks: one for the beginners and another one - for the mature developers. While the experts were going through the discussion about the future of Omsk Drupal-community, another track was learning how to befriend front-end with design, what the Drush and RESTful are, and how to deploy without hurting your colleagues.

Cheers to Ruslan Kasymov who had won the Woodby 1 year subscription: we hope that amazing service that Chingis Sandanov created and told us about will go viral.
The Drupal experts' track has roughly shaped the community’s means to the new level of functioning, so everything has just begun. We have the planned next steps of local community development and we are extremely excited about where it may lead us.

Keep in touch and viva la Drupal community!

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