December 13, 2016

Another season - another Drupal Cafe. That time we celebrated Drupal at Cafe #13.

The agenda of the event was diversified with a session on design and a tutorial on a website’s performance. Alexander Lopatyuk, a fellow UX/UI designer, told the audience how to politely make a designer work. Does Alexander follow his own rules? Nope, nein, no, нет, geen were the answers. Though he has given a bunch of useful tips on how to improve a communication between between developers and designers.

The next incoming speaker, Artyom Chugainov, delivered two sessions. The first was the tutorial on speeding up the website’s performance from the point of view of Google PageSpeed. The second one was given in the cooperation with ADCI Solutions developer - Artyom Zenkovets. The topic - Decoupled Drupal - also included the real case study where the React.js was used for the project delivery.

The other lectures were delivered by ADCI Solutions team members:

  • Deployment with Capistrano.
    Sergey Konstantinov did a meticulous observation on a Capistrano deployment tool usage. He told about Capistrano features, how Capistrano works, and what benefits we can expect from using Capistrano. The bonus was the author’s configs from a live project.
  • Drupal cash magic.
    A Drupal cash lecture was presented by Marina Kardopolova whose article is to be released soon. She mentioned the Drupal 8 cash changes and how to use them to optimize a site’s performance.
  • DrupalCon Dublin experience.
    Lera, DrupalCon conferences former designer, and Artyom shared the story of their long and challenging trip to Dublin, hanging out with the best drupallers and driving through whole Ireland.

The evil thing we let ourselves do was playing a Bullshit bingo. The naming is the most sassy thing in the whole game, players simply cross out the words they heard during the game.

No doubts, our favourite gifts give-away was the big part of the whole thing. You know us so well, so you can imagine the frisbee, t-shirts and Google CardBoards heavy flow.

Stay tuned you Drupal developers and those who only start their fascinating journey. We’re going to release few new articles soon.

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