Drupal Global Training Day #4

Drupal beginners and lovers got together on Saturday morning, March 18. By 11 a.m. our place was crowded with 80+ wannabe Drupallers and speakers. By 11 on the weekend morning!

Being inspired by the upcoming DrupalCon Baltimore organizers who decided to give the green light to inexperienced speakers, we totally refreshed the agenda and involved team members that never performed at such events before.

Drupal Global Training Day #4

We always pay a lot of attention to a preparation part, so the novice speakers were intensively trained. We mean it: up to 10 rehearsals last week!

A junior developer Sasha inherited the “Drupal History” session, a back-end developer Marina carried on with the site-building training. A team lead Artyom and his team member Sasha delivered the session on Drupal 8 module creation, then a PM and a senior developer Denis paired up with a front-end developer Dima and together they delivered a powerful lection on Drupal front-end.

A content marketer Iuliia wrapped the theory part up with a talk on the Drupal Community. She told the participants how the Community lives, communicates and how its members collaborate and help each other.

A 3-track BarCamp closed the agenda and warmed up the participants' interest to the Drupal World: we chatted about Drupal career, front-end, and Drupal vs. other CMS.

Drupal Global Training Day #4

But what preceded the event itself? Let us give the word to Marina, who’s been being a team member of Drupal GTD Working Group.

"I didn’t know anything about working groups until Lizz Trudeau messaged me that she was going to gather together the most active Drupal Global Training Days organizers. She shared that the focuses of the Drupal Association had changed and that she needed help in this program development. I agreed to be in a group and in a couple of weeks Lizz told me that I’m selected to be a member of a Global Training Days working group.

We were working on two main focuses. First, creating the recommended common GTD agenda. Second, strategies on increasing the number of GTDs in each region.

Soon most of the group will meet on DrupalCon Baltimore which is very exciting! Such experience allows to have a sense of belonging to a huge Drupal community, learn from each other and implement world’s best practices in Russia. Can’t wait to meet in person with people we worked together for last half year."

This GTD preparation has guided us through an amazing experience and more is yet to come! See you at our next Drupal event!

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