Drupal Global Training Day 8

Drupal Global Training Day 8

Drupal Global Training Day 8

The 20th and 21st April’s weekends were very long-awaited by ADCI Solutions because of the Global Training Day (GTD) event in our office.

ADCI Solutions is a permanent organizer of GTD in Omsk city. Twice a year we invitе tech students, web developers newbies to ADCI Events Hub to share different reports about web development and our experience. We try to make our sessions interesting and funny, it makes reports easy to understand for every conference’s participant. So, don’t be shy and be with us at our next event. 

It’s funny that Global Training Day isn’t a day, it’s two days. On the first day, professionals from ADCI Solutions told about the back end, front end, web design, and project management. The second day is a day of practice. We suggest our attendees create websites and modules by themselves. 

The first day consisted of four reports:

  1. Sergey Sergeyev “How it’s made? Product development”
  2. Denis Golubev “Lord of pixels. Starter pack”
  3. Alexander Shmakov “Back end - it is easy”
  4. Maxim Luckyanchikov “May the force be with you…or how to be a front-end Jedi” 

To immerse our guests in web development company’s work, we decided to start our reports talking about our everyday processes. Sergey Sergeev spoke about how dev teams make web products, what the roles there are in the development processes, and what interactions with clients are like.  

The second report was focused on web design. Our head of design department Denis Golubev spoke about how to become a web designer. Denis shared the most popular and modern tools that can help web designers to create a masterpiece. Also, Denis told about how to create your own portfolio and how to get your first project.

Alexander Smakov is the ADCI Solutions company’s back-end developer and he spoke about why the back end is a great choice, what its nitty-gritty is. He told in detail what the back end’s role in website functioning is.  

The last report was about the front end and what a good front-end developer should know. Maxim Luckyanchikov spoke about basic tools that the front-end developer should own, he shared his own experience and gave advice to beginners. Maxim revealed the secret that his favorite framework is Vanilla JS.

Traditionally, we finished the first conference’s day with a joint photo, find it below.

On the second day, the attendees developed their own websites and modules on the Drupal CMS. Our professionals were mentors for beginners, they helped and answered the questions.  

On the first and second days, we had pizza and coffee breaks, it’s a good opportunity to snack and make new acquaintances. Also, we made a prizes draw: a certificate from a school of foreign languages and our signature sticker packs.

It is important to note, that on GTD we used our new service Survey which let us know what participants think about reports and event organization. We believe that our efforts provided useful tools for beginners, answered all the questions they had. We are sure that conferences like GTD help all newbies to find the right way on the web development area. 

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