Drupal@Omsk #9

Last Sunday we had the 9th Drupal Cafe. We are very proud to organize such conferences for Omsk Drupal community because we are eager to develop it and increase the contributions to the Drupal Association by growing the number of contributors particularly.

And that was totally a special Drupal Cafe because of the several things. First, it was the biggest one we had previously had. We gathered 75 people together in our office to listen to our speaker. Second, this was the first time when we had a session about design in agenda. Our designer was telling to the participants about the principles of Material Design. We also had one more special part of agenda which was the session about the Drupal Association and being a DrupalCon design partner. The participants got very inspired by this session and some of them even became interested in working in ADCI Solutions. And third, this Drupal Cafe was that great because of its atmosphere. It was warm and friendly so even shy people started to communicate with each other. And that was our goal - to make people get to know each other and help us to build the community this way.

And, of course, as usual, we had a lot of competitions and extra activities before and during the event in order to keep participants interested all the time. 

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