September 12, 2014

Large IT-conference HappyDev-lite for students will be organized for the first time in Omsk on September 13-14. 

Leading Omsk developers will tell students and pupils about the IT-industry, its present and future trends. They will make up master classes and share some practical advice, try to give a full picture of what happens in IT world now, about the activity of Omsk and Russian IT- companies.

The event will try to respond the most urgent students’ questions: Where will I work when I graduate from university?  Сan I get a job before graduation? What opportunities do I have?

The conference covers a wide variety of IT area, such as enterprise systems, games, social services, financial and banking systems, information security. Students will have a chance to talk to representatives of Omsk leading companies and reveal themselves.

We couldn't stay away so we decided to take a part and became the sponsor of the event.

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