International women’s day 2018

ADCI Solutions girls waited for spring eagerly. Do you know why? The reason is the 8th of March - International women’s day! Traditionally, our guys make this day really warm and nice. And this time they didn’t leave us without gifts and surprises, too!

Guys approached the preparation for this day with a big responsibility. It was cute: watching 24 web developers getting up and going to their regular meeting regarding the 8th of March with very serious faces. Oh, there were men’s secrets! So, what did they decide to treat our 10 lucky girls with?

The International women’s day celebration started very pleasantly. When ladies came to the office they saw that guys had cut fruits for each girl and had put this yumminess with an origami rose on tables. Look how beautiful they were in the gallery below.

But it wasn’t the only one surprise! They prepared a lovely song for us. It was “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. With the accompaniment of two guitars and a harmonica, they sang it for us. At the beginning of the song, they gave us awesome tulips. Our hearts were made to melt! We didn’t expect a present like that.

After the working day, our great evening was a go! Guys divided us into two groups and we had to prepare a successful election campaign for a woman president. It was a pretty funny competition. The party “24 to 10” (it is the gender balance in our company) was stunning and cheerful. We were laughing, talking and had a nice time with each other.

Look at the photos in this gallery.

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